Boise needs BikeBoom!

Boise, Idaho has a great bike culture!

I can’t believe the bike culture here in Boise. This place feels like a tiny little LA- with all but 10% of the cars taken away, bike lanes galore and the same thriving bike community. 

Walking through Boise on my first day here, I was amazed at all the cyclists cruising through the city. All sorts of people on all sorts of bikes: college students on cheap mountain bikes, kids on color-matched fixed gear bikes, moms and dads on italian road bikes, expensive mountain bikes!
Midnight Ridazz alive and well in Boise, Idaho!Outside a bar in an area called the “Basque Quarter” (spanish families moved here long ago) I saw a fixed gear bike with a “Midnight Ridazz Boise” spokecard! I’d say any city that has a costumed bike ride through the downtown area at midnight has something to offer. 

I think I’m going to check and see if other people are interested in creating a Boise Bike Calendar like Los Angelenos have at