Overview: Amazing patterns from satellite photos

Taken from extremely high heights, these satellite photos bring out interesting colors and patterns from across the world. I loved seeing entire tulip fields translated into simple stripes- almost looking like woven socks or a sweater.

Inspired by the “Overview Effect”—a sensation that astronauts experience when given the opportunity to look down and view the Earth as a whole—the breathtaking, high definition satellite photographs in OVERVIEW offer a new way to look at the landscape that we have shaped…Benjamin Grant is the author of Overview and also oversees the Instagram project Daily Overview, from which the book takes its inspiration. Since he began the project in December 2013, his daily posts have both delighted and challenged his audience from all corners of the globe. For Overview, Grant has curated and created more than 200 original images by stitching together numerous high‑resolution satellite photographs.

Overview by Benjamin Grant. Get it on iBooks.

Moab Potash Evaporation Ponds. Benjamin Grant
Moab Potash Evaporation Ponds, “Overview”, Benjamin Grant. via ThisIsColossal.com
Tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands. Benjamin Grant
Tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands. Benjamin Grant, “Overview”, Benjamin Grant. via ThisIsColossal.com