BoiseBeerFest, Pursuit Church and the Bascom Chili Fest

Visited the Boise BeerFest with Lori, listened to an awesome Colossians 4:6 message at the Pursuit Boise and then visited the Bascoms in Nampa for some chili, football, Apples to Apples and living room wrestling.

We had an awesome Sunday. After sleeping in until 11am, we checked out the BoiseBeerFest. Something we love about Boise is that when there is something happening and it is beautiful outside, people take advantage of it. Some people would do this back in California- for example, Joel, Adam, Brent, Matt and Trent would all jump in and have a great time at the Fairvilla house barbecuing. I have to hang it to my friend Matt- he always comes up with great ideas and brings people into LA for fun adventures.

We are trying to balance a life of all the groups we attend and also experience our own marriage and each other while also experiencing what we can in each season. My sister just sent us an awesome, MASSIVE raft which we’ll hopefully be launching unto the Boise River this Wednesday.

Below are some of the photos I took today.

Matt's awesome beaut of a baby
Matt's awesome beaut of a baby