Seeing things vs Hiding Things

I really hate putting things in drawers. If something is filed away, I can’t see it and don’t remember it. I think this might be connected to my ADHD brain and how I remember things by seeing them. A calming feeling overtakes me when I see rooms in the Ikea catalog with huge bookshelves on the walls.

Living room with lots of bookshelf storage

Makes you want to see more bookshelf designs, right?

Opus Shelf

Or maybe lots of craft bookshelving:

Scrapping room with bookshelving via Laura Vegas

Boise needs BikeBoom!

Boise, Idaho has a great bike culture!

I can’t believe the bike culture here in Boise. This place feels like a tiny little LA- with all but 10% of the cars taken away, bike lanes galore and the same thriving bike community. 

Walking through Boise on my first day here, I was amazed at all the cyclists cruising through the city. All sorts of people on all sorts of bikes: college students on cheap mountain bikes, kids on color-matched fixed gear bikes, moms and dads on italian road bikes, expensive mountain bikes!
Midnight Ridazz alive and well in Boise, Idaho!Outside a bar in an area called the “Basque Quarter” (spanish families moved here long ago) I saw a fixed gear bike with a “Midnight Ridazz Boise” spokecard! I’d say any city that has a costumed bike ride through the downtown area at midnight has something to offer. 

I think I’m going to check and see if other people are interested in creating a Boise Bike Calendar like Los Angelenos have at