Overwhelm and satisfy

“You overwhelm and satisfy my soul”
– one thing remains, Kristan Stanfill

Have you ever seen someone stop crying? I think there are three ways someone can stop crying:
Eventually just stop when the emotions pass
Force themselves to stop when they become aware of what they are doing
Are overwhelmed by something else

Singing that lyric, I am reminded of being overwhelmed by God. But why am I overwhelmed? Out of pity for myself? When someone feels shame, ill bet the first response of getting a gift is “I’m not worthy”.

What about being overwhelmed by who God is and His attitude twoard me? Self pity focuses back on me, forgets about other.

When I shared my marraige vows, I was so excited and humbled. There was some self pity that wanted to grab the moment and focus back on me- oh, how much time did I waste…I delayed this day so long! Instead I kept looking at my bride and rode the wave of excitement and joy, thankfulness and ecstacy of being awesomely joined.

I want to be overwhelmed…outwards instead of inwards.

I think as a culture we lie to ourselves what will satisfy us. We look at people “out of control” that act different and assume they just need more self control.

What if we acknowledged what truly satisfied people? Joe Schmoe, 35 years as a letter carrier and 20 more eating TV dinners, watching nik-at-night reruns, weekend morning walks is…satisfied.

So, is that the pattern for everyone? The motivational speaker who seeks to inspire others or the law enforcement officer who desires to protect? TV reruns would make their legs restless- even angry! Get me out this living room! Live happens away from here!

So what about people who lead extreme lives that cause harm to others as an attempt to satisfy themselves? Lets be honest with them- you can’t be fixed until you have correct diagnosis. Maybe that is why addicts, outcasts and the dangerous experience significant peace when they acknowledge their concept of satisfaction. Then, after acknowledging that, they can ask God to move them further into the true real satisfaction.

Like a gunshot wound to the stomach, I think we bleed constantly, trying to give ourselves satisfying life but never get it

We need God to bring us deep deep down, and one by one to heal and satisfy each bullet splinter’s work. Then, we must be willing to accept his overwhelming as it flows through us.