Use a blue pencil and force yourself to draw

Grab a soft pencil and a blank paper. Draw. Right now.

Inspired by programmer Jamis Buck’s willingness to take on a new hobby every year (namely, to write 1,000 words a day), I decided to draw. I was tempted to find a pencil so I could draw and erase. No, I want to force myself to be free- to put ideas on paper, to “draw” those hundred words like Buck.
So, I drew. I kept wanting to place things in an orderly fashion or to start a new page with a new idea. Nope. Keep drawing. Pretty soon, is filled a page with badly-drawn lumpy computer desktops, abstract waves from the 1980s, magazine layouts with man eating a massive sandwich juxtaposed to the letters WO LVES, four rock band posters for my daughters room, and four website layouts.


I was frustrated the pencil became dull. I was frustrated at the lack of contrast from the light blue of the pencil to the white of the paper, but I kept drawing. I have myself the freedom to come back to these ideas and expand on them and this I was freer to not make these perfect right now.