Organizing info with Obsidian

“The moment I put double brackets around text in Obsidian and command-click on that text, Obsidian will create a new note with the title of the text I just bracketed.

Hannah Liebl discussing how to link documents with the Obsidian app in the blog post: Using Obsidian for Software Development Notes

This is how knowledge linking should work! I still remember the first time I linked to another document in a wiki- I just typed @ and then added several words- and a new page was created. It was amazing.

Hyperlinking immediately in the context of the current document is a much better experience than the alternative, this is:

  1. Create / write a document,
  2. Then creating a different document, and
  3. Then going back through the original document to highlight a word or term and
  4. Linking it to the new document.

Writing out that experience, you can see the additional st of inter-linking documents.

At Intuit, we used an internal wiki. Creating new documents was easy. Deciding how the documents should be organized in the current hierarchy of information was harder. Should every project have a separate index for meeting notes?

BTW, at the time of this blog post, Hannah works at Truss, and previously worked at the amazing AdHoc. Yo Product / engineering / Civic works people, I highly recommend the AdHoc blog for great product / government / engineering / design / public services!

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