Thoughts on the “performance lab” at Music Tech Fest

I love this discussion of people coming together to create an interesting experience in “The Absorption Chamber” (a cavernous concrete space built around the DDR-era concert halls of Funkhaus Berlin, the East German radio and sound facility):

But I could go on about each of the individual artists, neuroscientists, engineers (some migrating in from the MIT lab), designers, and hackers who got involved. Via an invited international group, we had people who were as handy with a Max patch as they were with a needle and thread, who could sing and write code, who could parlay research knowledge into on-the-spot experimentation. In just one week, they invented from-scratch performance interventions – most of the collaborators meeting for the first time. Everyone shared with everyone else, but there were eventually three distinct performance groups (one including Viktoria), plus some offstage experiments, presented to the public in an afternoon.

Link (CreateDigitalMusic)

Amazing tools for music: Beatsurfing, Ronald Jenkees, Deckadance

I love checking out CreateDigitalMusic. Seeing all these amazing tools, I’m overwhelmed in a good/bad with with all the possibility out there in regards to music. Connecting multiple music apps together on mobile devices.

They talk about Deckadance Beta:

What would happen if Traktor DJ and a KAOSS Pad had a love child, who went to school at Ableton and came home full of automation envelopes and triggers? Well, maybe something like this.


Showing friends the Beatsurfing App I wish I had time to buy and use, my friend Zach mentioned Ronald Jenkees as a great inspiring guy who makes neat EDM.